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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

Round 2 of the 2020 IATC was held February 15th and 16th, and hosted at multiple venues throughout Toronto, Canada, culminating in the crowning of the 2020 IATC Champion and the awarding of the Wilson Cup.

February 15th – 16th, 2020

Multiple Venues Across Toronto


Round 2


Click here to see the full 2020 Round 2 Bracket including starting venues.

2020 IATC Round 2

Round 2 is split into two phases. The First Leg of the competition will be hosted at 4 venues across the city; BATL Pickering, BATL Vaughan, BATL Stockyards, and BATL Portlands. Competitors will be informed of their starting venue via email once tournament seeding is complete after Round 1 competition. Game-day registration and practice will start at 7:30am with opening ceremonies kicking off at 8:30am and the tournament beginning at 9am sharp.

All competitors who qualify for Round 2 will be emailed a link to their registration page once Round 1 is complete and the final list of 256 throwers is confirmed.

The Finals

For the first time ever the final round of the 2020 IATC will be hosted in the 'Axedome' at Trio Sportsplex on Sunday, February 16th. The 32 remaining competitors will assemble to fight it out for the Wilson Cup.

After such an incredible turnout of spectators last year, we have moved Finals to the Trio Sportsplex. Trio Sportsplex is a large sports facility in North Western Toronto, so there’s plenty of room for spectators and competitors alike. Food and drinks will be served on site all day, and we’ll have activations for fans throughout the IATF. This will culminate in The 2020 IATC Finals and the crowning of the 2020 IATC champion.

The prize pool for the 2020 IATC will be $50,000, the largest prize pool in urban axe throwing history. This amount will be paid out to the top 32 competitors (all competitors who make it through to Round 2 of the IATC.

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IATC Rules & Qualification

The rules and format of the final round are the same as regular season playoffs (see section 4):

  • These competitors are the top throwers from each organization as determined in the preliminary round: Their position or 'seeding' within this round of the tournament is determined by each player's Round 1 average score.

The winner of the previous year’s IATC tournament is guaranteed entry into the final round of the tournament, and does not throw in the preliminary round:

  • The winner is still seeded in the playoff bracket based on their average score from Round 1.

  • If there is a tie in two competitor’s Round 1 average scores, their Round 1 big axe scores will be used to break the tie.

​If a competitor is late for their first match and misses it, then they automatically forfeit that match and move to the “B” Bracket and their opponent will automatically advance to the next set of matches:

  • If the same competitor who missed their first match also misses their second match in the “B” bracket, they automatically forfeit that match and are eliminated from the tournament.

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