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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

IATF Member Representation

All participating member organizations will send through a percentage of competitors equal to the percentage of league members they represent within the IATF:

  • Only the leagues of participating organizations will count towards this equation:

    • For instance, if there are 5,000 active league members across all organizations in the IATF (throwers are counted from each active league each season), then:

      • If organization “Z” represents 1000 of those league members and chooses not to participate for any reason, then those 2000 throwers are removed from the equation;

      • If all other organizations participate, then there are 4000 league members left in the equation;

      • e.g. If organization “A” represents 2000 of those throwers, then those league members represent 50% of all remaining IATF throwers;

        • That means organization “A” will represent 50% of the competitors in the final round of the tournament (Round 2);

        • 50% of 192 competitors (last year's total) is 96 competitors;

  • Therefore, organization “A” will send their top 96 competitors from the preliminary round (Round 1) to the final stage of the tournament.

    • In the case of a decimal point percentage, the IATF will round up or down accordingly to match the throwers in the final round stage.

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