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(3.1) Subframe & Target Construction

1. Sub-frame

  1. All International Axe Throwing Federation targets require at least one 1 ½ inches deep sub-frame layer directly behind the backboard; whether targets are mounted on a concrete wall, or on an A-frame.  A thickness of 4 ½ inches is recommended, which is the equivalent of three 2×10 boards laid flat.  This layer will consist of softwood (eg: spruce, pine, poplar, cottonwood, etc.) See Image 3.1-A below
  2. The base of the sub-frame should be 39 inches off the floor. There is an allowance for the 39 inches if the ground surface is uneven. The base of the backboard is to be mounted flush with the base of the subframe. The backboard is generally ¾ inch plywood cut to 4×4 feet.

2. Target

  1. ​​​​The target surface comprises three 2×10 boards cut to 4 foot lengths.  These boards are mounted vertically and flat against the backboard, as well as flush with the base of the backboard and sub-frame. See image 3.1-B below
    1. The centre 2×10 must be mounted in line with the vertical centre of the backboard.  A level should be used to ensure the centre 2×10 is straight;
    2. The centre of the bullseye must be measured to the centre of the 2x10x4;
    3. The remaining 2x10x4 boards are mounted on either side of the centre board. There must be no gaps in the target, so make sure the boards are firmly pressed against the centre board before fastening to the backboard.​
  2. Each target must have an additional 4 foot length of wood mounted on either side of the three primary 2x10s. These outer edge boards serve to hold the existing target in place upon axe impact. As a result, the quality of wood used is not important so long as there is one smooth 4 foot length to press firmly against the existing target boards.

This diagram illustrates standard sub frame construction. Also note that the sub frame, backboard and targets boards are all mounted flush at the bottom.

  1. side view of the face of the target
  2. side view of the plywood backboard (4’L x 4’W x 3/4″H plywood)
  3. side view of the subframe of the target (1 1/2″ thick)
  4. front view of subframe construction (46 1/2″L x 46 1/2″W)
  5. Two 2 x 10’s cut to 46 1/2″ long
  6. Five 2 x 10’s cut to 26 1/2″ long

This diagram represents the basic construction of the target. [4th and 5th boards added for illustration]

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