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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

(6.2) Round 1 of the IATC

1. Round 1 of the IATC tournament will be held at all IATF organizations on one set day each year***:

  1. All scoring for Round 1 will be based on the Premier ruleset and scoring system.   
    1. See Premier ruleset in section (1.4.1)
  2. All qualifying throwers from every league will throw for Round 1 on the set date, at their home venue.***

2. Round 1 is a competition within each IATF member organization to determine which players will represent them in the final stage of the tournament; *See “Member Representation”.​


3. In Round 1 of the IATC, players will be randomly split into groups of four. Players will take to their assigned lane, then throw the equivalent of 5 matches (a total of 75 throws) and 15 Big Axes:

  1. In this round, competitors are not facing off one on one against an opponent, as in standard competition, rather, the goal here is to throw for the highest point total possible;
  2. Once each group of 4 competitors has taken to their assigned lane, they will throw 15 axes in a row, scoring points under IATF Premier scoring rules with the option to call and throw for Clutch every 5th throw;
  3. Every 15 axes, scores will be tallied and competitors will move one lane to the right and throw another 15 axes until everyone has thrown 75 times:
    1. Competitors on the farthest right lane will move to the far left lane of the arena to score their next throws when necessary;
    2. Between every set of 15 throws, competitors can request a board change similar to regulation competition.
  4. Each set of 15 throws will count as the score for 1 match totaling 5 match scores for every competitor. Players will receive the average match score from these 5 matches:
    1. e.g. for a competitor’s first set of 15 throws they throw a total match score of 42, in their second set, a 67,  in their third set, a 61, in their fourth set 60, and their fifth set another 60. The total scored points obtained over the 5 matches is 290, divided by 5 to obtain an average score of 58. 
  5. Upon completion of these 75 throws each competitor will throw 15 consecutive big axes. 
    1. A competitor may call Clutch at any point during their 15 big axe throws.
    2. Competitors are not required to score a bullseye prior to being able to call Clutch in these 15 throws
    3. Their combined score from these 15 throws will be used as a tiebreaker in the case that throwers have the same Round 1 average as another thrower. 
  6. Upon completion of this round, competitors will be ranked against others from the same organization based on their Round 1 average and using Big Axe tie breaker score if needed:
    1. The Round 1 rank will be used to determine who represents each organization based on the percentage of representation calculation for Round 2 of the tournament (See section 7.1 below)
    2. The Round 1 score will also be used to seed a competitor that moves onto Round 2 of the IATC.

***exceptions may be made due to COVID-19

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