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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

(1.2) Match Format

  1.  Standard Match Format
    1. Every regulation match consists of 3 rounds: 
      1. Each round consists of 5 thrown axes per player, per round;
      2. Player must win 2 of 3 rounds to win the match;
        1. In regulation competition players always throw all three rounds even if one player has won the first two rounds;
        2. Tracking of total points over the course of 15 throws is mandatory in all regulation matches;
        3. If a player wins the first round and ties the next 2 rounds this is still considered a match win as they have won the majority of the rounds in the match.
    2. Players switch lanes between each round;
    3. If players are tied at the end of the three rounds, a Big Axe tie breaker occurs.  A tie occurs when each player’s sum wins in all three rounds result in an overall tie:
      1. Each player has won 1 round, lost 1 round and tied 1 round;
      2. All three rounds are tied.
  2. Big Axe Tiebreakers
    1. A Big Axe round is played in sudden death fashion:
      1. Players use Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who throws first:  winner then chooses whether to throw first or second;
      2. Players alternate one throw each per big axe round;
      3. In the beginning, as long as the Big Axe sticks in the target breaking any non-clutch target paint or connecting with a full point value, the throw counts as good;
        1. If one player throws a good throw and the other a bad throw, the good throw wins;
        2. If both players throw a bad throw then they go again;
        3. If both players throw a good throw then they go again.
      4. If both players throw a good throw THREE TIMES IN A ROW, they then revert to the device scoring system (‘Points’ are live and majority rules);
        1. Play continues in sudden death fashion using device scoring rules until there is a winner;
        2. If players both drop an axe during points mode in Big axe they STAY in points mode;
      5. Once in points mode players may call Clutch.
        1. Throwers must ‘Bull In’ (i.e.sink a big axe bullseye) BEFORE being able to call big axe Clutch in that same match tiebreaker. 
        2. Once BOTH players have sunk a bullseye each, Clutch can be called by either at any time within their tiebreaker. 
        3. Once called, Clutch continues to be live for the remainder of that match, regardless of whether Clutches are hit or miss.
        4. If bullseye has NOT been successfully thrown by both players in a tiebreaker, Clutch will remain unable to be called during that tiebreaker.
        5. This process will repeat during each big axe round a player finds themselves in.

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