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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

(7.1) IATF Member Representation

1. All participating member organizations will send to Round 2 a number of competitors equal to their percentage of the total IATF league enrollment during the calendar year.

2. The league enrollment is calculated as players in each season. 

  1. An individual player participating in one season would count as 1, the same player participating in four seasons would count as 4.

3. Only the league members of organizations participating in Round 2 will count towards the member representation in the tournament.

  1. For instance, if there are 6000 active league members across all organizations in the IATF, and they all participated in all 5 season through the year, then there would be 30,000 league enrollments in the pool of IATF representation:
    1. If organization “Z” represents 10,000 of those league enrollments, and chooses not to participate for any reason, then those 10,000 league enrollments would be removed from the equation;
    2. If all other organizations participate, then there are 20,000 league enrollments remaining in the equation;
    3. e.g. If organization “A” represents 2,000 league enrollments, then organization “A” would represent 10% of all participating IATF leagues in Round 2;
  2. That means organization “A” throwers will represent 10% of those competitor ‘seats’ in Round 2 of the tournament
    1. eg. 25 seats would be organization A throwers if the final round hosts 250 total competitors, 10 seats would be organization A throwers if the final round hosts 100 total competitors
    2. In the case of a decimal point percentage, the IATF will round up or down accordingly to match the amount of throwers in the final stage.
    3. When applying these calculations to any official tournament numbers, keep in mind that 1 spot in Round 2 is always reserved for the winner of the previous year’s tournament, so be sure to remove that seat from the equation.

**Please note that due to the COVID-19 crisis, representation for the 2021 IATC will be determined by a median number between the organization’s seats from the 2020 IATC and their representational seats from the 2020 season based on the above equation.

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