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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

(6.2) Facilities

The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) maintains rigorous and evolving standards to ensure the safety of both throwers and spectators.  

  1. Pre-Throwing Visual Inspection
    1. Target inspection:
      1. Replace wood as needed;
      2. Check backboards and sub-frame for damage.
    2. Cage:
      1. No holes, gaps or breaks in chain-link.
    3. Axes:
      1. Heads are tight;
      2. Handles are not splintered or weakened;
      3. Edges are sharp, but not excessively sharp.
  2. Facilities and Equipment
    1. Minimum axe length of 13” including head (see Axe Specifications);
    2. Axe handle made of wood;
    3. Use of fault line to prevent overstepping by players;
    4. Throwing area partitioned from spectators;
    5. Use of periphery barriers to prevent ricochet of axe outside of throwing lane;
    6. No person to approach target while axes are being thrown unless separated by floor to ceiling partition reaching at least 15’ outward from adjacent target(s);
    7. Within an arena, there must be a 15′ floor to ceiling partition separating sets of 2 targets:
      1. Within a set of 2 targets, there must be a 6′ floor to ceiling partition between the targets.
    8. Ceilings must be a minimum of 14′ high unless otherwise approved by the IATF.
  3. First Aid Standards
    1. Every throwing Arena must have a fully stocked St. John’s Ambulance CLC Level A first aid kit, or equivalent in every lane;
    2. Facilities with three or more arenas must also have a single CLC Level C first aid kit, or equivalent on site;
    3. All staff and/ or in-lane officials must be first aid certified with St. John’s Ambulance Emergency First Aid & CPR Level A, or equivalent;
    4. All staff and/or in-lane officials must understand standard response process in case of injury;
    5. A formal incident reporting process must be in place within every organization under the IATF banner.
  4. Age Requirements
    1. Axe throwers may be of any age considered legal within a facility’s state or province and covered under a facility’s insurance.
    2. However, no axe thrower under the age of 18 will be eligible to participate in any IATF sanctioned tournaments, up to and including the IATC.

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