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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

(3.1) Big Axe Tiebreaker

Paint to Points 

Initiating with the IATC in February 2019 and for all IATF tournaments moving forward, we will be eliminating the ‘paint then points’ rule for big axe throws in tournament competition and instead moving straight to points for all tiebreaker throws. 

(Hitting ‘paint’ refers to a big axe throw only needing to land in the target anywhere from the outermost edge of the 1pt line inwards to count as a valid throw as a competitor’s first big axe throw in IATF competition.)

From the IATC 2019 forward, all big axe tiebreakers in sanctioned tournaments will be for points immediately.

The ‘3 paint then points’ rule will stay in effect for regular league play and league playoffs.

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