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(5.2) Big Axe Specifications

Big Axe (Felling Axe): see image 2.2 below

  1. A Big Axe (Felling Axe has the following requirements
    1. The axe must be a single bit blade, ie: no blade or sharpened spike protruding from the back of the axe head.
    2. ‚ÄčThe axe head must weigh between 2.25 and 2.75 pounds. Please note, referees and officials will refer to the stamped or advertised weight of an axe. If there is no stamped weight, a referee or official may weigh an axe including the handle to assess its combined weight.
    3. The handle must be wood; for competition, handle length must be at least 25″ including the handle in the eye of the blade
    4. The face (blade) of the axe must be no longer than 4 5/8″ and must be fixed to the handle of the axe.

Image 2.2:

Example of a Big Axe

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