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The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF)

(6.1) Axe Throwing

  1. General Safety
    1. Axe must be wooden handled;
    2. Axe must be sheathed when not throwing;​
    3. Only one player per target permitted in the arena;
    4. Players may not cross the red fault line to approach the target until both axes in a pair of lanes have been thrown, and are either in the wood of the target or on the ground;
    5. Sound isolating devices are not permitted while throwing axes;
      1. e.g. including, but not limited to, headphones and earplugs.
  2. Handling the axe
    1. Removal:
      1. If you are having trouble pulling your axe from the target, be sure to grab it by the handle as far away from the head as possible to get the most leverage and wiggle it vertically to loosen it from the wood.
    2. Carrying:
      1. The blade must be covered while carrying an axe, regardless if that axe is in a bag, holster or outside of the thrower’s hands;
      2. Be aware of your surroundings and while moving, keep the axe blade close to you but not pointed toward you:
        1. ​Do not gesture with, or swing, the axe while carrying.
    3. Sharpening:
      1. Use an angle grinder for basic sharpening:
        1. Clamp the axe to a solid sharpening surface;
        2. Always wear safety glasses;
        3. Do not put the grinder down until the wheel has completely stopped moving.
      2. Use a file for fine tuning, only push forward with the file on blade;
      3. Always explain sharpening techniques to new league members to prevent injury or damaging of tools.

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