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If the axe throwing community is talking about it, this is where you’ll find axe throwing news from the IATF, our member organizations and the axe throwing community.

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CRS Update

Head’s up! We are launching version 1.2 of CRS on July 17th.  We listened to your feedback, made improvements, and are excited to launch the new version!

Main changes are :

  • A modification to the calculation will treat ties at 27 as follows:
    • It is no longer possible to tie at 81 and win the tiebreaker and have the rating adjusted downward.
    • Throwing an 81 against a better player can result in a positive adjustment, even if the tie breaker is lost. However, it also avoids the inflated rating adjustments of Version 1.1.

Click here to read more about CRS and our decision to make this change.

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Latest Sports Bar Trend Involves Hurling Hatchets At Walls

If you've grown tired of bowling, playing pool or throwing darts, how about throwing an axe? A number of indoor facilities, including taverns, are starting to o

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Got an ax to grind? Hatchet throwing is the trend you have to try

Though this place looks like a hipster lumberjack's paradise, the repetitive dings and hits make the warehouse space sound like a mix between a construction...

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Maniax Axe Throwing Melbourne Opens in Abbotsford

There’s a four-and-a-half-tonne tree, three types of axe and 12 targets for you and your friends to hurl hatchets at.

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Taking an axe to dull evenings

From its humble beginnings in a backyard in Toronto, an amateur sports league that pairs axe throwing and alcohol has ballooned into a successful chain of locat

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Axe throwing? Why not

Fast-growing Canadian export finds home in Music City

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Montrealers sharpen their hatchets for axe throwing leagues

Getting involved with the league, it feels like a sport,' says Alexandre Ravenelle, an axe throwing newbie

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Watch: Athlete of the Week: Straun Riley

Straun Riley is ranked #1 by the national axe-throwing federation. The 26-year-old only started axe throwing three years ago, and is our athlete of the week!

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Axe-throwing lounge comes to Thunder Bay Video

A Sudbury entrepreneur who already owns axe-throwing lounges in three northern communities, will officially open her Thunder Bay operation next month, in the sa

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Urban Axes Will Bring Hatchet-Throwing and Beer to Highlandtown

Coming in 2018, new space encourages beginners to try axe-throwing.

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